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Dr. Wael Aboughali, MD

Chief Physician & Founder of "My Doctor Primary Care Clinic"

Dr. Wael Aboughali is seasoned family physician who has dedicated over two decades to empowering patients on their journey to optimal well-being. Graduating from the University of Texas Southwestern Medical School in Dallas, Dr. Aboughali's transformative experiences within the community shed light on the challenges faced by those unfamiliar with the intricacies of healthcare. Striving for conscientious practice, he set out to prioritize patients in an industry often driven by competing interests.

Recognizing the tug-of-war between healthcare systems, medical institutions, insurance entities, and pharmaceutical industries for a patient's attention and resources, Dr. Aboughali took a resolute stand – putting patients at the forefront. With a firm commitment to evidence-based, high-quality care within a compassionate and empathetic environment, he embarked on a mission to redefine the physician-patient relationship. He envisions each visit to our clinic as an opportunity for patients to experience the warmth, kindness, patience, and honesty they've always sought in a healthcare provider.

With a wealth of experience under his belt, including a Primary Care Fellowship at the University of Texas Houston Health Science Center and a Residency at the same institution, Dr. Aboughali leverages advanced technology to guide patients toward the best possible outcomes. Our promise is unwavering: to provide the kind of care that not only meets your expectations but exceeds them.

Dr. Aboughali's dedication led him to found "My Doctor Primary Care Clinic," a realization of his vision to deliver a superior brand of healthcare to Pearland, Texas, and its surrounding communities. The clinic is founded on core values that include compassion, caring, humility, and patience – a reflection of Dr. Aboughali's unwavering commitment to serving his patients with the utmost integrity. This is our commitment to you – a relationship of trust, a partnership for your well-being, and a beacon of compassionate care that remains constant, always.

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Dr. Aboughali is an amazing doctor he always goes above and beyond to help his patients. I’ve been his patient for about 2 years now and I had never found a doctor that cares so much for his patients. He is professional, caring, empathetic, knowledgeable, and most importantly he listens to his patients and addresses any questions or concerns. I highly recommend Dr. Aboughali he’s the best.

Alma G.

Satisfied Patient

I cannot express enough gratitude for the outstanding care I received from Dr. A. He not only possesses exceptional medical expertise but also has an incredible ability to listen and understand my needs. Without a doubt, Dr. A is an embodiment of the perfect doctor-patient relationship.
Breanne S.
Satisfied Patient
My husband and I have been a patient of Dr Aboughali for about 7 years. Dr. Aboughali is a one of a kind and one in a million physician. I have never in my life received the level of care he brings. He is so kind and caring and he takes his time in listening and understanding your needs.
Kim C.
Satisfied Patient
Dr. A was ASTOUNDING when it came to following up and giving me more information about my prescriptions and even referred me to my new AMAZING therapist. This will be my new doctor moving forward and I will definitely recommend him for anyone looking for an actual Doctor who cares about his patients!!
Johnathan R.
Satisfied Patient
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